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Contract cleaning

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Spectrum of Services

Customer trials, contract cleaning and work on research projects are carried out on a total of 380 square metres. The setting offers numerous opportunities in the area of process and procedure development - both for external users and in-house activities.

With the LPW clean water system for supplying the laboratory areas and the final cleaning in the clean room, even the highest-quality requirements from medical technology, precision component production, the optical industry and the new portfolio of the automotive sector can be realised. In addition, a central control technology enables the documentation of all process steps as well as the environmental conditions.

Furthermore, the laboratory premises have now been equipped in addition to cleanliness analysis, semi-automatic preliminary tests can also be carried out on a CNp wetbench or on a CNp/ultrasonic double-tub system for chemistry selection/chemistry compatibility as well as for rinse tests and process definition.

  • Completely new media supply (air, technical gases and liquids in the form of a VE and ultra-pure water supply)
  • ISO 7 clean room with integrated air particle measurement and possibility of darkening the entire clean room for UV light inspection
  • Mobile laminar flow unit in the clean room to create a workspace under ISO 5 environmental conditions for inspection, handling and packaging of cleaned components
  • Three-stage precision cleaning system (PowerJet 670T3 CNp), integrated in the cleanroom, with US cleaning/rinsing, injection flooding, CNp cleaning/rinsing, ultrapure water rinsing, integrated hot air/vacuum drying, non-contact IR/CNp drying and integrated batch-related process monitoring
  • Vacuum packaging unit that allows single- or multi-layer processing of the cleaned and dried components, also in a nitrogen atmosphere available.
  • Pre-cleaning in the grey room area with a PowerJet 670T2 Basic: two-stage cleaning/rinsing process with integrated US/CNp cleaning and subsequent hot air/vacuum drying


Images from the LPW Test and Service Centre.


The LPW Application Engineering Team, headed by Christian Koblenzer, is responsible for the support of the Test and Service Centre in Riederich near Metzingen. Enquiries and appointments can be made by e-mail to cleaning@lpw-cleaning.com

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